Cleaning applications:




The SYSTRONIC CL420MTO cleaning system is the ideal system for cleaning stencils and squeegees.

What is special about this system is the double design, it is possible to operate the chambers separately from one another via a control. This allows you to get a double load on the system. This means that you still have a system page available for your process during maintenance.

Each half of the automatic cleaning system made of stainless steel sprays over two rotating spray arms in a closed circuit. The system consists of a closed cleaning circuit, a closed rinsing circuit, a drying unit and a separate drain pump.

The completely separate cycles of cleaning and rinsing are a very important feature. In this way, carryover is prevented in the best possible way.

The drying takes place via a convection drying in the supply and exhaust air principle.

The process chambers are each loaded via a swing door.

The system is operated via a user-friendly touch panel.

It is the perfect model for medium throughputs.

Characteristics SYSTRONIC CL420MTO

  • Low investment volume

  • little need for space

  • Separately usable systems controlled by a controller

  • Usable chamber size up to 800 x 800 x 60mm (each)

  • Automatic process

  • Programmable via touch panel

  • Short cleaning time

  • Fine filter system in the cleaning circuit

  • Fine filter system in the rinsing circuit

  • Easy to use, quick and economical cleaning system


Recommended cleaning media: