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The SYSTRONIC CL902 cleaning system is the ideal system for cleaning your misprints and assemblies. The automatic single-chamber cleaning system made of stainless steel sprays via four rotating spray arms in a closed circuit. The system consists of a closed cleaning circuit, a closed rinsing circuit, a drying unit and a separate drain pump.

After the respective process steps cleaning and rinsing, the arms are blown free with compressed air in order to avoid mixing of the cleaner and the rinsing water.

In this system, the rinsing water is treated to an adjustable conductivity value with the aid of VE treatment.

The drying takes place via convection drying using the supply and exhaust air principle.

The process chamber is loaded via a loading door that can still be folded out at the front.

This enables the cleaning basket to be easily removed.

The system is operated via a user-friendly touch panel.


It is the perfect model for medium and high throughputs.


Features SYSTRONIC CL902


  • Large, flexible capacity for the items to be cleaned

  • little need for space

  • Usable chamber size up to 500 x 500 x 600mm

  • Fully automatic multi-phase process

  • Programmable via touch panel

  • Short cleaning time

  • Fine filter system in the cleaning circuit

  • Easy to use, quick and economical cleaning system


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