Modular Cleaning System CL53X

Automated cleaning solution customized to customer needs

SYSTRONIC presents with the CL53X product series a new generation of more-chamber cleaning systems.

The Systronic CL53X series is characterized by its simple handling and the fully automated process. Various applications of cleaning technology are covered in this system principle. The cleaning of stencils, squeegees, misprints and PCB’s is revolutionized with the CL53x series.


The base system CL533M1.0 consists of separate process chambers for the cleaning, rinsing and drying and a loading module.


The basic set-up of the system can be extended individual with additional single modules for special applications or throughputs.


So for the cleaning of PCBs further modules for additional rinsing steps can be placed. For the cleaning of stencils with a high throughput additional drying chambers can be added. For the combination of stencil and misprint cleaning it’s possible to add further cleaning chambers to separate the medium.


For cleaning and rinsing different process variants like spray-in-air, spray-under-immersion and ultrasonic cleaning are available.


As extension, it is possible to spatially separate the loading / unloading of the system. These modules can be customized in number of available spaces.


An automatic handling unit pick up the parts to be cleaned from the loading module and transported them through the individual process modules. After the cleaning process the carrier is set down at the unload module where the cleaned product can be removed. This procedure gives you an uninterrupted process flow without annoying delays.


We appreciate to compile your individual CL53x cleaning system right for your requirements.