Schmersal uses cleaning solutions by SYSTRONIC

The KA Schmersal GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Wuppertal, is an international supplier of systems, solutions and services for machine safety and labor protection. The company develops and produces around 25,000 different safety relays and with this range it's one of the largest manufacturers in the world. Schmersal employs around 1,800 people and has seven production sites on three continents and corporations and sales partners in more than 60 nations.


The electronics manufacturing takes place at the production sites Wuppertal and Wettenberg in Hesse. In several lines printed circuit boards are equipped with components soldered, tested and assembled, which are used for example in safety control systems and elevator controls.


Electronics production at Schmersal is on the cutting edge of technology. In addition to solder paste printers, ovens and wave soldering also smd pick and place machines and AIO-systems (automatic-optical-inspection including X-Ray) come to use. In addition, the printed circuit boards are automatically tested with a flying probe and programmed before they are automatically disconnected from the panel.


In electronics production more stencils are to be cleaned at the end of a shift. For this reason, the idea to provide a cleaning system that can clean several stencils simultaneously in order to avoid waiting times arose.


Since Schmersal was already using a SYSTRONIC cleaning system for several years at the site in Wettenberg, it was obvious to also look at a SYSTRONIC solution for the main plant in Wuppertal.


The SYSTRONIC Production Technology GmbH & Co.KG from 74226 Nordheim has specialized on providing the complete cleaning solution from one souce. With more than 25 years experience in mechanical engineering and the CSC Jäkle Chemie GmbH, the expert partner for the cleaning chemicals, SYSTRONIC is the right address when it comes to cleaning processes. Whether it comes to oven parts, filters, masks, solder frames or PCBs, SYSTRONIC has the right solution.


Through the vertical range of manufacturing from materials selection, assembly, prgramming to process management, SYSTRONIC is highly flexible and can incorporate costumer's specifications to a high degree.


At Schmersal, the challenge was to find a solution which provides a balance between costs and benefits.


The more stencils can be cleaned in a chamber at the same time, the bigger the cleaning chamber must be. This leads to a significant increase of the consumption of cleaning agents (loss of the adhering cleaner due to evaporation during drying) per washed stencil, if not cleaning simultaneously the maximum amount of stencils.


After intensive consultations, the responsibles at Schmersal became convinced that the acquisition of two systems, with a capacity of two stencils in one process would provide the most appropriate solution. The choice fell on the system "SYSTRONIC CL420D".


Since SYSTRONIC offered to built the two systems mirrored at no extra cost, so they can be placed next to each other and just look like a quadruple stencil cleaning system. Nevertheless the user has to systems at his disposal that can be loaded seperatly and thus reduce the overall consumption. And during maintenances, there is always one cleaning system available.


By using the SYSTRONIC stencil cleaner SYS-CLEAN STC2.0 an optimal cleaning process is at hand.


The solid stainless steel design of the equipment and the high-quality pumps and other components, ensure a long service life with minimal maintenance requirements.


Of course, the systems are equipped with electronic safety switches made by Schmersal.